~ baby, you’re in for a real treat ~

If you want fresh, delicious breads, assorted pastries from a local bakery, or a healthy meal with friends, then look no further–we are here to treat your tastebuds to exceptional flavor & quality at a reasonable price. We also offer gluten free and other specialty breads made fresh for you!

Originally opened in 1995, Kumquat Mae has grown and changed as the owner, Tracey Stewart, has grown her family.

The bakery’s first location was in Athens, where White Tiger now resides. Tracey (Trae to her friends) closed the first incarnation to raise her first child. Next, the business moved to Madison, until it closed again when her second child came along.

After three wonderful years in our Watkinsville location, the bakery returns to its roots back in beautiful Athens. Business is good & growing daily, with additional menu items and beer & wine, as well as a full bar to complement the outstanding lunch & dinner fare.

Stop by anytime to peruse the pastry case, start the day off right with a wholesome breakfast, or enjoy a nice dinner meal as well as our brand new bar.

No matter when you come: Baby, you’re in for a real treat.